If you purchased your Unlimited Wash Pass at our Billerica or Winchester location, please use the following link to manage your account and follow the instructions below, if your pass was purchased at our Brighton location this portal will not work with your account.  Please visit the Brighton location or reach out to us at info@shieldcarwash.com to manage your account there.

Please follow the instructions below carefully.  There are two methods to access your account.

1.  Phone method:  T-Mobile subscribers will not get the one time passcode to enter your portal.  The development team is currently working on a fix, in the meantime use ‘Barcode or License Plate number and credit card tab’ to access your account.

2. Barcode or License Plate number method and credit card:
If you are using your barcode as identifier to access your account, and you have one of our older Shield RFID passes, you will need to add zero’s in the following manner to complete a twelve digit number when accessing account.  

See below:

Alpha-Numeric barcodes: Add four zero’s, ie. if your barcode reads 21509AC9 this should be entered as 000021509AC9

Six digit Numeric: ie. if your barcode reads 102759 should be entered as 000000102759

Twelve digit Numeric:  enter barcode exactly as it appears.

Access the online portal to manage Billerica and Winchester accounts by using the following link: