Address & Telephone

Shield Self Service - 259 Boston Road, N. Billerica

259 Boston Rd
North Billerica, MA 01862
Tel: 781-729-2326

Hours of Operation
(weather permitting)

Self-Serve Car Wash - Two Bays 

Opened 24 hours - 7 days a week

Cash $3 for 4 Minutes, Credit $5 for 6 min 40 sec

Credit Cards Accepted in Bays

* Two Brand New Razor Touchless Automatic Car Wash Bays
* Two Self Service Car Wash Bays with heated water For Washing
* Self Service Vacuuming Onsite

* Cash or Credit Card Accepted

Our Razor Touch Free Car Washes are ideal for our wash customers who prefer having their vehicle washed without brushes or cloth present in the wash process. The only thing that comes in contact with the vehicle is high pressure water, soaps, and liquid waxes. Since no brushes contact the vehicle, this method of automated washing is great for specialized vehicles and oversized vehicles that meet the height requirement which cannot be washed using other traditional car washes. We offer free self service vacuum cycle with every Works Wash purchase.
We also offer two self service car washing bays that are coin operated and accept credit cards for customers who wish to manually wash their own vehicle, or boats and other watercraft."

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